I contributed to the KSM Starter Sale and want to claim my TEER Tokens. What to do?

This step-by-step guide explains how to set up a new TEER account and claim the TEER tokens you purchased during our token sale on KSM Starter.

Create a TEER address #

To create a new TEER account, you need to use the polkadot-js extension.

  • Install Polkadot-js extension, and manage accounts for substrate-based chains in your favorite browser.
  • Create a new account, backup the seed phrase, and protect it with a strong password.
  • Visit Integritee Network on Polkadot/Substrate Portal.
  • Click Settings → Metadata → Update Metadata (If you receive a message that says “No upgradable extensions”, you don’t need to do this step, as it means you have done it before).
  • Restrict your new account scope to Integritee Network (Solo). The address should now start with “2”.

Download MyCrypto #

We assume you use MyCrypto, but you should be able to use any app that allows you to sign messages with your Ethereum address.

Download MyCrypto for Desktop

Claim #

Visit Polkadot/Substrate Portal Claims. You can only claim AFTER Dec 1st 7:00 am GMT. There is no end date, so your allocation waits for you to claim

Click “Continue” and enter the ETH address which you used to buy TEER.

Go to the MyCrypto app and sign your personal message shown in the grey box.

(It will display your TEER account as a hex pubkey. But don’t worry — it still is your account that you selected in Step 1).

Pay TEERs to the integriTEE account:8a5b10fda70b64e4a35a610ad1ebf8925a905629f8f210808bd72db59a6b500c

Copy the data in the signature field.

 "address": "0x42a656317da164139fb72b784b1a86a93a525272",
 "msg": "Pay TEERs to the integriTEE account:8a5b10fda70b64e4a35a610ad1ebf8925a905629f8f210808bd72db59a6b500c",
 "sig": "0x3e2707eb0a0b96a8ab42c6925cfa5ff5b3653d3aaa9b03887e744f44c40215
 "version": "2"

Paste this data into js/apps.

Click “Confirm claim” and js/apps will show you how much you can claim.

Select “Claim” and you will receive your allocation on the specified TEER account.

Congratulations — you are now a TEER holder.

If you still have trouble with claiming the tokens, please send a message to helpdesk@integritee.network